Traffic & Transportation Services


Traffic Studies :

Various traffic studies are carried out with proper traffic projection and infrastructure planning. Traffic studies include traffic volume count survey either manually or by using video recording, Origin Destination surveys, Turning movement surveys, Pedestrian crossing survey, Households survey, Stated preference survey etc.

Traffic Impact Assessment :

AACPL undertake Traffic Impact Assessment for residential buildings, offices, malls, hospitals, educational institutes, exhibition centres, auditoriums etc. Traffic impact from establishments of various modes of travel is derived on the basis of standard trip rates derived from benchmark studies and available standards.

Traffic Simulation :

The long term infrastructure planning is done on the basis of traffic projection for the next 25-30 years. Traffic simulation is done using VISSIM software.

Parking Demand Survey :

Parking Demand surveys are conducted to find out hourly variation of parking requirement and parking duration. Public and private parking areas, Truck Terminal, Bus terminal are designed on the basis of parking demand survey.

Traffic Management Plan :

Internal and external traffic management plan is prepared using VISSIM software. The plan recommends desired turning radius, road width, one-way traffic if necessary and vehicles tracking diagrams.

City Mobility Plan :

The City Mobility plan is prepared using transportation software CUBE and VISSIM. The plan covers present traffic condition on all important roads, recommendations of comprehensive solution for traffic management for next 25-30 years in respect of road and intersection improvements, flyovers, BRT/LRT service and Metro/Mono rail.

Public Transportation System Plan :

We undertake Public Transportation System Plan for future horizon years including passenger ridership and revenue forecast for BRT services, Metro Rail service etc.